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January 18, 2011:
Report: China got stealth tech from Russia.


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Stealth Fighter Aircraft, Made in China

May spur F-35 Development and Deplpyment

The Chinese J-20 fighter jet represents a game changer in arms and armament in the East. Essentially, the rapid development by China of a stealth-capable fighter aircraft with advanced features indicates that US aircraft development, which had been back burnered recently, may have to make strides in order to maintain a strategic advantage. Only a few months ago, there were arguments that jets like the F-35 joint strike fighter were unnecessary because no other enemy was expected to have such advanced aircraft for a number of years, and that there weren't any theaters of potential warfare where such a plane would be necessary. Now, the rollout of the J-20 fighter is beginning to change opinions. Unlike the F-35 program, which is based on use and development by an international coalition, the J-20 is  built primarily by China, though there may be technical details supplied by (or sold via) Russia. This could also indicate cooperation between these two former rivals. Large scale deployment of the J-20 stealth fighter would also create a new paradigm for areas around Taiwan (which had a very poor showing in defensive missile tests) and Korea.

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